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  • 1″ – 14″ Hole Sizes Premium Diamond Core Bits Drill Brick Block Concrete Stone and Masonry


    *Select the diameter hole you need below(Price will adjust)

    *17″ Overall Length
    *10mm Segment Height
    *1 1/4 – 7 UNC Thread
    *Run Wet or Dry *Double Tensioned (Most others on the market are single tensioned)
    *New MBS 960 xl grade of synthetic diamond



    Don’t be fooled by cheaper priced core bits these have ultra long hole life & built up to 9001 & 9002 ISO quality standards.

  • 1″ – 14″ Hole Sizes T-Seg Series Premium Wet Diamond Core Drill Bits Hard Material Boring


    *17″ Overall Length Core Drill Bits (14″ Barrel Length)
    *8mm Height
    *T-seg Segment
    *1 1/4 – 7 UNC Thread
    *Run Wet or Dry

    What can I cut with this core drill bit?

    *Hard Concrete
    *Precast Concrete
    *Cured Concrete
    *Reinforced Concrete
    *Concrete Block

  • 1″ – 6″ Diameter Pro Dry Diamond Core Drill Bits for Concrete, Brick, Block, Stone


    *10″ Overall Length
    *10mm Segment Height
    *5/8-11 Thread (Female)


  • 14″ General Purpose Concrete Brick Block Stone Diamond Saw Blades 15mm


    Blade Specs:

    • 15mm Segment Height
    • Run Wet or Dry

    Ultra segment height of 15mm! Giving you one of the longest lasting blades on the market today!

    These blades are made specifically for hand held gas and electric saws of all types.

  • 4″ – 10″ Angle Grinder Segmented and Turbo General Purpose Blades Diamondblades4us


    4″ Diameter Blades
    .080″ Thick Core
    7/8″ Arbor w/ adapter to 5/8″

    5″ Diameter Blades
    .080″ Thick Core
    7/8″ Arbor w/ adapter to 5/8″

    6″ Diameter Blades
    .080″ Thick Core
    7/8″ Arbor w/ adapter to 5/8″

    7″ Diameter Blades
    .095″ Thick Core
    5/8″ DM Knock out

    9″ Diameter Blades
    .095″ Thick Core
    7/8″ Arbor w/ adapter to 5/8″

    10″ Diameter Blades
    .095″ Thick Core
    7/8″ Arbor w/ adapter to 5/8″

    10mm Segment Height
    Run Wet or Dry

  • Diamondblades4us Long and Short Barrel Diamond Core Drill Bits | Run Wet or Dry



    *Extra Long Barrel
    *Teeth Configuration is tighter together for the toughest cuts
    *24″ Overall Length  or 10″ Overall length (Select your overall length)
    *8mm Segment Height
    *1 1/4 – 7 UNC Thread
    *Run Wet or Dry
    *Higher concentration for the heaviest duty jobs on the market

    This core bit series was designed for the contractor that was sick and tired of shedding teeth on the real hard applications such as drilling highways, runways, dams, buildings, bridges, tilt walls, floors, culverts drainage pipes. I will be the first to tell you its not the cheapest on the market but it WILL give you the highest quality for the dollar.


  • Metal Cutting Diamond Saw Blade GT Lion Diamondblades4us

    • Highly Tensioned Core (Cuts Straight)
    • Vacuum Brazed for Ultimate Durability
    • 5mm Segment Height
    • GE MBS950 Grade Diamonds
    • Run Wet or Dry
    • Safer to use than abrasive wheels



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“Great company, great dye for brightness and longevity. If you’re carrying your polished concrete further up in the grits this is one of the best to use.”


Great Company

“Great place to deal with I highly recommend them”

-Tom Oreilley

Great Place to Deal With

“Overall seems to be a good product as described and color matches image. Note if you are sealing this product it will be darker in tones once finished”






Customer Feedback

“Great Service, Fast Shipping and Great Prices what more could you need?”


Great Service

Why Choose Us?

Diamondblades4us® has been a leading U.S. wholesaler of diamond saw blades, diamond core bits, tuck point blades, turbo blades, loop blades, diamond cup wheels, diamond polishing pads,and other specialty diamond cutting and finishing tools for over 20 years. Our company continues its time honored tradition in supplying the industry with the best diamond blades and other diamond equipment available at the most reasonable pricing.

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