10 Seg 3" Round Metal Bond Diamond for Concrete Grinders Various Grits

Designed to smooth rough patched surfaces. The 3" round is a very aggressive 10 segment puck that easily attaches to the segment plate. Grinds down bumps and rough joints. Make sure you have magnetic plates with a hole for the post. These are post backed diamonds(post on the back of the puck opposite side of the segment)

16 Grit is the most aggressive and 120 Grit is the most fine grit

  • Soft bond is for hard concrete
  • Medium bond is for average concrete
  • Hard bond is for soft concrete
  • Will work on most concrete grinding machines
  • Metal backed works great on our Magnetic Plates 
  • Available in soft, medium and hard bonds
  • Long life and very aggressive
Life Expectancy: 27,000 - 32,000 Square Feet
Grit / Bond


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