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The Genie Edge Grinder lets professionals stand upright to grind more comfortably and aggressively with better control than on their hands and knees. Cover more square footage in less time, with less effort while focusing on comfort. Patented anti-suction lock technology - creates a vortex of air around the edge of the shroud, eliminating suction lock and allowing the grinder to float across the surface like a puck on ice.

Getting up close and personal with the wall is no problem with the Dust Grabber. Whether it’s mounted on the edge grinder or used handheld you can get as close as 1/8-inch away from the wall. Teenie Weenie Genie floor grinder is the only floor surfacing equipment equipped with the patented Dust Grabber dust shroud. This Grinder is very easy to maneuver.

The quality gas-filled shock on the edge grinder ensures that the grinder stays parallel to the surface being worked. This allows the grinder to float across the surface and avoid gouging. Ideal for concrete, terrazzo, stone, and removing paint, thin set, adhesives, VCT, mastic, and epoxy.

Features & Benefits:

  • Safe to operate
  • Lightweight for easy transportation
  • 35lb frame weight
  • High-definition body construction
  • Easily grinds right up to the edges
  • Operates with a  7" Dewalt grinder (model DWP849X)
  • Easily connects to a vacuum system
  • Convenient headlights for operating in dark areas
  • Guide handles help with control and applying pressure


Genie Concrete Edge Grinder

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