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The Genie Walk Behind Floor Cleaner:

This powerful battery operated scrubber is designed for most cleaning applications and facility sizes. This scrubber is primarily used for floor surface cleaning. Also the advanced flexibility of this machine allows changing the hard brush to soft brushes or scouring pads for carpets and wooden floors.

Voltage 24V DC
Width Sweep 21 inch
Brush diameter 19”
Brush speed 150 rpm
Vac suction 100mbar
Solution tank 10.5 gal
Recovery tank 12 gal
Batteries 2
Weight 400 lb
Length 42 in
Width 20 in
Height 38 in
Noise level 68dB
Charging time 8 hrs
Continuous work time 3-3.5 hrs
Includes: 19” Bristle scrub brush 19” Pad holder Battery charger

Pro Auto Scrubber Battery Powered Walk Behind Floor Cleaner

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