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  • Ameripolish 1 Gallon Colorjuice Brick Paver Sealer PSE


    Ameripolish WB Paver Sealer
    has been formulated to rejuvenate and enhance the original color of
    pavers, concrete replications and stone. It is also designed to give
    long lasting protection by repelling water and blocking UV degradation.
    Ameripolish WB Paver Sealer is a blend of water based high performance
    polymer. Working together they form a breathable barrier that protects
    cementitious materials from salts, stains, dirt, oils and moisture. This
    sealer helps protect surfaces from damaging weather conditions and will
    help prolong life by sealing out moisture, dirt and salts season after
    season. The key to long lasting beauty is to protect while not forming a
    film that can peel, crack or blister. Ameripolish WB Sealer does just
    that. It is the product to choose when sealing interlocking pavers,
    colored cementitious replications, stone, and other cement textured


” I was trying to meet a deadline and after contacting the seller, they responded quickly and worked their hardest to get my delivery to me early”

By: SBridges

Deadline to Meet

“Great company, great dye for brightness and longevity. If you are carrying your polished concrete further up in the grits this is one of the best to use.”


Great Company

“great place to deal with I highly recommend them”

By: Tom Oreilley

Great Place to Deal With

“Overall seems to be a good product as described and color matches image. Note if you are sealing this product it will be darker in tones once finished”

By: Oneneptun





Customer Feedback

“Great Service Fast Shipping Great Prices what more could you need?

By: Gary

Great Service

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