"The Original" Air Genie from Healthy Air Technologies Air Purifier / Cleaner

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Don’t be fooled by other similar looking units we are an approved dealer from Healthy Air Technologies to sell the “Original Air Genies”

The Original Air Genie Features:

  • Five Fan speeds controlled by a Variable
  • Frequency Drive for quiet operations
  • Washable rear filter
  • Intelligent maintenance reminder
  • Adjustable purifier control
  • 250 to 3000 sq ft
  • Away mode timer for high purification levels in unoccupied spaces
  • Full function remote control
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Universal AC/DC power supply
  • 115 volts


  • Lifetime warranty excluding any replaceable parts
  • Electrical Certifications
  • UL certified and EU compliant



From the manufacturer: ” At Air Purifier  Genie USA we believe that a pure lifestyle promotes general well being. It is with this belief we set out to find an air purification system that met our standards of indoor air quality through a natural, health air oriented air sterilization process. Our Air Genie Purifier cleanses 3,500 sq ft with just one unit, and is the first sterilizer in our line of home air purification systems for the health-conscious and eco-friendly.

The Air Genie is so much more than an amazing home air purifier for the ozone aware, it assists in respiratory infection prevention! Other room air cleaners try to clean air using nothing but air filters. Unfortunately, filters can become a thriving environment for allergens like mold which cause upper respiratory problems. However, ozone generators like the Air Genie are often credited with alleviating healthsavy.com illnesses and symptoms not previously attributed to air quality such as muscle pain and migraines. Reduce the chance of chronic illness brought on by second hand smoke, or mask the odors of your fine cigars and pipes from common areas.

The secret to Air Genie air cleaners begins in the on-board air ionizers. Negative air caused by ionization begins a process of purification that reduces the effects of asthma and seasonal allergies. It won’t just filter the air like those
other home air cleaner and office air purifier systems. The Air Genie air sterilizers will literally make your air cleaner, and the Air Genie air filters are specially designed to not just capture, but aid in destroying airborne contaminants permanently, like the H1N1 virus.

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” I was trying to meet a deadline and after contacting the seller, they responded quickly and worked their hardest to get my delivery to me early”

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“Great company, great dye for brightness and longevity. If you are carrying your polished concrete further up in the grits this is one of the best to use.”


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“great place to deal with I highly recommend them”

By: Tom Oreilley

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“Overall seems to be a good product as described and color matches image. Note if you are sealing this product it will be darker in tones once finished”

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