Pulse-Bac 550 HEPA Heavy Duty Dust Collector Vac 4 Concrete Grinder No Dust —

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CDCLarue 8 Gallon Dust Collector  Pulse-Bac 550 Hepa WITH Autostart Function


Model PB-550 is a Hepa

Certified Vacuum with a dual Hepa filtration system that has a filter Dust Collectors
fractional efficiency rating of 99.99% @.3 micron at CFM flow rate of
140.  The 550 model comes standard with Pulse-Bac® Technology, our
Cyclonic Debris Management system, a tank inspection window and a 15’ x 1
½” crush proof self locking vacuum hose. An optional automatic tool
start is also available.

The 550 can be used for
general clean up but is designed to capture dust and debris generated by
hand held power tools and surface preparation equipment. This vacuum is
EPA RRP compliant and can be used with the clean up and control of
fugitive dust collector when working with materials like lead paint, Asbestos and
Silica. Our revolutionary design in vacuum filtration automatically
flushes the filters clear while you work, using only ambient air and
vacuum. This prevents the filters from facing with dust or debris and
clogging during operation. Maintain peak performance with No blowers,
shakers, compressors or buttons to push. Just turn it on and go to work Pulse-Bac® technology does the rest.

  • Powered by Pulse-Bac® Technology.
  • CDM™ Equipped – Cyclonic Debris Management  System reduces filter exposure to dust and debris.
  • Two Twist on/off Hepa Rated H-13 P.T.F.E. Coated Spun Bond Polyester
    filters that lasts 10x longer than conventional filters. and one
    industrial rated Hepa IEST RP-CC001.4 Filter that captures dust
    particles to .3 micron.
  • A vacuum motor capable of generating 140 CFM (air flow) and 87″ of lift (suction).
  • 15′ x 1.5″ self locking crush proof vacuum hose.
  • One year limited warranty.
  • Filter fractional efficiency.

Automatic Tool Start

CDCLarue™  Automatic Tool Start feature will start the vacuum
for you when you start your tool.  Plug your tool into the Automatic
Tool Start inlet and switch the power button to auto.  When you start
your tool, the vacuum will automatically turn on. Once you turn your
power tool off, the vacuum will continue to run for an additional 3
seconds, giving the vacuum time to clear the hose of any dust and
debris, and then the vacuum will shut off.


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“Great company, great dye for brightness and longevity. If you are carrying your polished concrete further up in the grits this is one of the best to use.”


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