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Simix 5 lb Bag All Purpose Cleaner Environmentally friendly


This is for ONE 5 lb bag of cleaner
Simix is a all purpose cleaner for auto detailing. Great for cleaning anything from laundry to mold. Photo catalytic nano particles always working. Clean greasy kitchen floors for 18 cents a gallon. Bacteria killing and a smog eater with nano Ti02. Simix Cleaner for Roof, Driveways, Pavers, Sidewalks & Exteriors Easy to use Removes algae and mold Breaks down oil, transmission and hydraulic fluids and exhaust emissions Environmentally friendly Safer and cheaper than bleach Simix Multi-Surface Cleaner is easy to use and can be used on just about anything. Kitchen and bathroom surfaces Carpets Laundry Floors (VCT tile, hard tile & grout, terrazzo, polished concrete) Exteriors (concrete driveways/walkways/patios, concrete walls, pavers, brick & mortar, stucco, all roof surfaces, vinyl siding A/C coils & cabinets Wood joists, unpainted wood fencing/decks/docks Water filters for swimming pool/pond/hot tub Automotive air filters.

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