Kemiko Easy Shine

(4) 1 Gallon Jugs Kemiko Easy Shine Mop On Wax Protects Rich Shine Sealed Concrete Floor


Case of 4 – 1 Gallon – Kemiko Easy Shine Acrylic Polymer Liquid Wax (Mop On)

KEMIKO® EASY SHINE is a low-VOC, extremely user-friendly, waterborne acrylic polymer wax for protecting and maintaining sealed concrete and many other finished substrates. KEMIKO® EASY SHINE is a single component product that is designed to repel water, reduce scuffing and marring. KEMIKO® EASY SHINE allows substrate to breath, is low odor, and produces a deep rich shine.

KEMIKO® EASY SHINE is applied to properly prepared KEMIKO® or Rembrandt stained floors sealed with KEMIKO® STONE TONE SEALER II, KEMIKO® 100% Solids and Water Base Epoxies, KEMIKO®  SS2700 WB Polyurethane, KEMIKO® SS3300 Aliphatic Polyaspartic and is compatible with many other sealed concrete products. Typical applications include commercial kitchens, grocery stores, restaurants, showroom floors, walkways, and many other interior surfaces requiring additional protection. Excellent replacement product for high VOC solvent base water repellents and sealers with excellent wetting properties. It is not to be applied over KEMIKO® BUFF-ON WAX II.

Surface Preparation Finished Floor
All visible oil, grease, sludge, stain residue and any other contaminants shall be removed prior to any KEMIKO® EASY SHINE application. Surface shall be cured, dry and free from any deleterious matter or grime. Use KEMIKO® EASY STRIP to remove heavy wax build up, grease, oils and grime.