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  • 14" Diamond blade | .125" Thick | Special segment design with the highest synthetic diamonds available.
  • This blade is designed to cut through the hardest materials, such as reinforced concrete, granite, stone, refractory brick, clay-fired brick, hard Belgard, and Holland pavers
  • Run Blades Wet or Dry | Cooling Holes for Max blade life | The more you buy the better the deal.
  • Not a typical 14" diamond blade this is built for the clients that are expecting the most from their tools.
  • Offsetting pinhole for walk behind saws.
  • 1" Arbor with adapter bushing in each blade for conversion from 1" for some saws that have a 20mm arbor.
  • One of the best Diamond blades available today.

14" Pro Plus Reinforced Concrete, Granite and Hard Materials Diamond blade

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