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Designed to smooth rough patched surfaces. The Trapezoid is a very aggressive segment that easily attaches to the segment plate. Grinds down bumps and rough joints. 
12mm x 12mm Segments

Pack of 10 Pcs

Color will Vary

16 Grit is the most aggressive and 120 Grit is the most fine grit

  • Soft bond is for hard concrete
  • Medium bond is for average concrete
  • Hard bond is for soft concrete
  • Will work on most concrete grinding machines
  • Metal backed works great on Magnetic Plates or standard bolt on design
  • Available in soft, medium and hard bonds
  • Long life and very aggressive
Life Expectancy: 8,000- 12,000 Square Feet

2 Seg Diamond Trapezoids for Concrete Grinders Various Grits Available

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