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3 Gallon Epoxy Kit


Add Color Pigment or Select Clear for a No Pigment Kit


Give your Floors a face lift with this high end industrial floor epoxy. Add Color pigment to give a custom designed look. Great for Garages, Interior & Exterior applications. Easy to work with and high end finishes. This product will last a long time if applied properly. Any questions contact me anytime.


First Step:

1) Prep Floor Either Shot Blast, Concrete Grind with machine or Chemical Etch (Will require a machine or Chemical)

The Rest of the Application:

2) Prime Coat (Optional): Some epoxy systems require a primer coat. Apply the primer thinly and evenly using a roller or brush. Allow it to cure as recommended.

3) Mix this Epoxy Kit with the Pigment Color Pack (Choose Color Above) : Follow the manufacturer's instructions to mix the epoxy resin and hardener. Ensure proper proportions and mix thoroughly to avoid any uncured spots.

4) Apply this Epoxy kit to floor: Start applying the mixed epoxy to the floor using a roller or brush. Work in small sections to ensure even coverage. Roll in one direction for the first coat and then perpendicular to it for the second coat.

5) Spread and Level: Use a squeegee or roller to spread the epoxy evenly over the surface. Be sure to keep a wet edge to avoid overlap marks.

6) Add Decorative Flakes (Optional): If desired, sprinkle decorative flakes onto the wet epoxy while it's still tacky. This adds texture and design to the floor.

7) Allow to Cure: Let the epoxy cure as per the manufacturer's instructions. This usually involves staying off the floor for a specified amount of time.


What do you get in this Listing?

One 3 Gallon Kit

Solventless Two Component Epoxy Coating (A and B Mixtures)

*Not a cheap store brand floor epoxy

*High Chemical Properties for Professional finish

*Perfect for Garage, Interior Home and Commercial Applications



Base coat solid color (300-450 sq ft per kit)

Final color metallic coat**Thicker application**(100-150 sq ft per kit)

Top coat clear(300-450 sq ft per kit)


*Cannot Ship To Puerto Rico/ Hawaii / Alaska*


3 Gallon Kit Garage House Coating Concrete Durable Epoxy ETC

PriceFrom $245.00
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    1. Sq ft of project

    2:Chip Flake Yes or No?

    3. Pigment Choice( Solid Color or Metallic Color)

    4. Clear Top Coat Yes or No?

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