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4 - 1 Gallon Jugs

Covers Up to 600 sq ft per gallon jug




Kemiko Stone Tone Concrete Acid Stain is a single component reactive stain that transforms a bland concrete slab into a unique floor that is just as attractive as marble or glazed stone- at a fraction of the cost. Available in 10 colors, it will not chip, fade or peel. Kemiko Concrete Stain may be applied to properly prepared and thoroughly cleaned concrete.

Features & Benefits

  • Earth tone rich color palette
  • Distinctive color variations
  • Reactive acid stain
  • Simulates the look of natural stone and marble
  • Cost-effective & versatile
  • Elegant & permanent
  • LEED compliant
  • Low odor, low VOC
  • Human health hazard-free once cured (no off-gassing)
  • Maintenance-free

Kemiko Stone Tone Stain transforms an ordinary concrete slab into a luxurious floor that resembles marble or glazed stone. When concrete is stained and scored Kemiko creates the appearance of expensive flooring at a fraction of the cost. This stain is an acid-base, a single component product that provides a decorative, low maintenance floor finish and is 0-VOC. This product contains special wetting agents, which chemically combine metallic ions with the particles in the concrete to form colored oxides. Perfect choice for interior and exterior projects. Unlike paint, this reacts with the minerals present in the concrete giving it the look and feel of natural stone. Whether working with a neoclassic, Southwestern, eclectic, or traditional decor, this adapts to enhance any setting.


4 Gallons Kemiko Stone Tone Stain Exterior and Interior

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