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The Morflex® coupling can compensate for high angular misalignment and is torsionally flexible. Misalignment working angles range from 1.5 to 10 degrees, making the Morflex® a unique resilient coupling provides flexibility for the tools to follow the contour of the floor. 

Specially developed, resilient, non-cold-flow neoprene biscuits are responsible for the flexibility of the MORFLEX® coupling. Relative movement between shafts is confined to the controlled displacement of the neoprene. Preloading the biscuits in assembly permits them to allow considerable deflection, even with light load. The shape of the neoprene biscuit has been carefully designed for uniform stress and deflection—an important operational advantage and one which contributes greatly to the life of the coupling. MORFLEX couplings can be used in ambient temperatures ranging from 0°F to 200°F.

The MORFLEX Coupling also has a Universal Driveshaft Series for greater shaft separations with a slip joint construction, allowing universal action to accommodate angular or parallel misalignment. The shaft members are full spline connections, and slide freely under load.





  • Exposed bolt and shrouded bolt configurations.
  • Size 602 
  • Off-the-shelf bore range from 1/2" to 2 7/8" with standard keyways and setscrews
Features and Benefits:
  • Up to 21HP / 100RPM , 3 1/2 bore, 6500RPM
  • Up to 10° of misalignment
  • Maintenance free and easy to assemble
  • Resilient design
  • Great for low HP reciprocating drives
  • Absorbs vibration

602 Morflex Coupler Genuine Morse Brand

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