Ameripolish Solvent Based Classic Concrete Color Dye 1 Gallon

Ameripolish Solvent Based Classic Concrete Color Dye 1 Gallon

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Originally designed specifically for polished and exposed concrete, the AmeriPolish Classic dyes penetrate into the surface of the concrete slab for extremely long lasting color that will not wear from daily usage. Classic dyes can be used as a base color or touch up for concrete that has received integral color, dry shake hardenrs, acid stains, or even layered to create a truly unique, mottled effect. Covers 400-600 Sq Ft mix with Acetone Only. To make 1 Gallon of product.


Ameripolish solvent-based dye is packaged powder form to be mixed with acetone by the customer. Ameripolish dye does offer 22 standard colors that will match your needs. 

Color / 1 Gallon


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