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  • 7" Pulsebac Dust Grabber send me Grinder info for proper fitting

    Pulsebac Dust shrouds are used on angle grinders and other types of tools that are used to cut, grind or sand. Dust shrouds are a chamber around the abrasive that aids in capturing the dust generated by the tool at the point of generation, all with the assistance of vacuum. Most dust shrouds attempt to seal the shroud to the surface, but once you turn on the vacuum the shroud can become suction locked to the surface which can result in damage.

    CDCLarue patented Dust Grabber shroud eliminates 100% of suction lock, allowing the grinder to float across the surface like a puck on ice. The Dust Grabber is the only shroud that has a lifetime replacement warranty and uses a replaceable polymer seal. The seal creates a vortex of moving air all around the circumference of the shroud from top to bottom, eliminating 100 % of suction lock and capturing 99% of dust. The polymer seal is designed to quickly be replaced when worn out and does not require the abrasive or steel shroud to be removed when replacing the seal. The easy to replace polymer seal cuts shroud replacement cost by 75%.

7" Pulsebac Dust Grabber Dust Shroud Kit Built for Select grinders

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