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Spal-Pro RS 88 Polyurea Joint Filler is a 100% solids, two component heavy duty, semi-rigid polyurea joint filler intended for use in filling and protecting contraction and construction joints in industrial, retail or commercial concrete floors.

  • Fill and protect joints in trafficked industrial and retail concrete floors
  • Support traffic and protect joint edges
  • Intended for use where final temperatures are from 32˚F (0˚C) to +120˚F (49˚C)
  • Filling cracks in industrial floors
  • Comes with mixing nozzles


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Spal-Pro RS 88 must be dispensed with dual-feed power dispensing equipment, or with pre-filled, dual-dispense cartridge kits. Manual dispensing is impractical due to short working life (1-2 minute gel time). Power dispensing systems should be set to a 1:1 ratio by volume. If installing in cooler temperatures, material should be maintained at a minimum temperature of 75˚ F (24˚C) for best results. We recommend the use of a 1/2” diameter (ID) static mixer with 30 or 32 elements or more for material dispensing and proper mix. We strongly recommend performing periodic ratio checks on power dispense units to ensure proper cure.

Material provided in pails should be thoroughly mixed to redistribute any settlement that may have occurred during shipping or storage. Cartridges should be shaken aggressively to accomplish same.

Pump tanks, lines and dispensing manifold should be clean and free of any residual materials remaining from previous filler installations.


Joints can be filled in one or two passes, depending upon joint depth and dispensing tip used. Preferred method is to fill from bottom to top using a dispensing tip that fits into the joint. Take care not to entrap air bubbles. Slightly overfill the joint, leaving a crowned profile, and allow to cure.


The crown may be easily razored off as early as 15 minutes after placement, depending upon temperature. We recommend testing various shave times to find the optimal shave which results in a filler profile that is flush with the floor’s surface and free of any film from material overfill. If shave time is substantially delayed or if temperatures are low, RS 88 shaving process may be more labored. Should filler cure below the floor surface (due to settlement into the void at base of joint, etc.), remove top 1/2” of filler and re-apply RS 88. Grinding/polishing operations should be deferred for one hour or more after placement. (If using Fast Pack addition, 25-30 minutes or more).

Metzger McGuire RS88 Joint Filler 600ML Tube

PriceFrom $65.00
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