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What is HPLM? Put simply, it’s the highest power to weight ratio you will find in a vacuum today. With 690CFM and 110” of lift, this vacuum weighs in at just 208lbs. That is 70% lighter than other vacuums with similar performance. The 3690 will supply all the power you need in a portable package that saves time and trouble. Plus it uses our innovative Revolution 3690 Bagger cart allowing it to move around the jobsite with ease. To round it all out the 3690 features our patented Pulse-Bac technology that keeps filters clean and suction consistent. 

Remote Start

Everybody has done it. You get over to your tool, start working and realize you forgot to start the dust collector as you watch a cloud of dust shoot into the air. With the 3690’s remote start those days are gone. The handy fob can turn the unit on & off from distances of up to 180 feet. 

Longopac Endless Bagging System

Popular with contractors in many fields, the Longopac endless bagging system provides a quick dust free bagging solution and has never worked better now that it is paired with Pulse-Bac’s patented Easy Empty Valve system. 

Standing Debris Dump with Auto-Close

The 3690 features a redesign of the Easy Empty valve system found on our 1000 Series bagger. It has the same patented design that allows the vacuum to continually operate while the debris is being released from the collection tank into the bag, never again will you need to turn the vacuum off to discard debris. We didn’t stop there though, we went even further with these two additional features. The new version can be easily emptied from a standing position and when released, the Easy Empty valve automatically returns to the closed position. 

Features and Benefits

  • Pulse-Bac self-cleaning technology
  • HPLM Design
  • Power coated steel construction
  • Non-marking 5 coaster dolly
  • Cyclonic debris management
  • Easy empty standing dump valve
  • Revolution 360 frame
  • 690 CFM, 110” lift
  • 208 lbs, fits through a standard 3’ 0” doorway
  • Longopac collection system
  • 25’x3” hose with locking cuff
  • Single Phase, 220 volt only
  • Comes with a Remote start and stop option
  • Same amazing patented Pulse Bac Technology


  • 25' x 3" hose
  • 3 additional rounds of Longopac with zip ties
  • Bag cutter
  • Tie tightening gun

Pulse-bac 3690 HPLM Bagger Unit and Hose Package Industrial Vacuum

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