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Mix Dye Concentrate with 1 gallon of acetone(Sold seperate) to make product.


SCOFIELD® Formula One™ Liquid Dye Concentrate, a quick and economical new way to add color to ground and polished concrete floors.

Coverage: 300 - 600 Square Feet per Gallon


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When it comes to coloring concrete, nobody knows color like Scofield! For nearly 100 years we've been manufacturing concrete coloring systems that are dependable, long-lasting and consistently beautiful. SCOFIELD Formula One Liquid Dye Concentrate carries on that time-tested tradition, producing rich, jewel-like colors while offering some key benefits:


  • Contains no VOC's
  • Stays wetter longer for better workability
  • Less residue left over on the surface means more color in the floor
  • SCOFIELD Formula One Liquid Dye Concentrate includes both the dye and the extender solvent. When added to acetone at the jobsite, it's ready to use after mixing thoroughly - usually about two minutes
  • Seasoned professionals know that the right sprayer is vital to the success of any concrete dye job. Scofield recommends the SP Systems 35ACT Sprayer for use with SCOFIELD Formula One Liquid Dye Concentrate

Scofield Formula One Concrete Liquid Dye Concentrate

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